Abdominal Separation in Pregnancy


What is abdominal separation?
Abdominal separation is the partial or complete separation of the rectus abdominus, the superficial abdominal layer. This is caused by thinning of the linea alba which is a sheath that runs midline in the body, from sternum to the public synthesis.

What is ‘normal’?
Anything between 1-2 finger space is normal post-birth, and we will check this in your 6 weeks postpartum check.

When to address it?
Between 0- 10 months postpartum is the recovery window where it is the best time to address your diastasis. You have the maximal chances of recovery.

After 10 months, the outcome is less predictable as to whether the muscle layer will respond to exercises as effective as before, a.k.a it might never close completely. This timing is due to a number of factors, but mostly the timing of hormonal changes, and how your body naturally recovers postnatally.

How is abdominal separation treated?
The main treatment modalities include applying compression, and exercise.

There are exercises that help pull the muscles towards the midline (close the separation), and exercises that help thicken the muscle (create tone and bulk), both giving integrity to our abdominal area, and support to our back.

Please involve a women’s health physio early on in this recovery process to get the right guidance and information. Book online today.

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