Inner West Physiotherapy Services

No matter who you are, life is too short to be held back by pain. Being injured is a great time to practise self care and awareness. Our team of physios and movement rehab specialists are here to help you reduce pain, recover and be a better mover.

We treat all musculoskeletal conditions and have a passion for managing chronic pain. We are trained in the Connect Therapy and Thoracic Ring approach, in addition to the traditional Physiotherapy methods. We may utilise massage, joint mobilisation, dry needling, Shockwave, muscle energy technique, movement retraining and Clinical Pilates in your treatment sessions.

We have a signature method to tackle injuries. Our approach is evidence based, patient centered and guided by our clinical experience. Our mission is to elevate your health and wellbeing by making your body more capable for future use. Please read Our Philosophy to learn more!

Proper rehabilitation requires patience, dedication, advance planning, discipline and commitment.

What can you expect in your Initial Consultation?

Clear diagnosis

Timeframe for recovery


Treatment plan

Self management strategies

What to do and what not to do

Common Conditions We Treat

Degenerative conditions

Ligament tears and sprains

Muscle strain

Post operative rehabilitation

Chronic neck and shoulder pain


Rib cage dysfunctions

Postural tension



Nerve pain or nerve impingement

Frozen shoulder

If you are unsure whether physio can help your condition, please call and we will be happy to advise.

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