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For Rehabilitation and Strengthening

Physio Pilates combines the best of both worlds: the strength and flexibility training of traditional Pilates with the expert care of physiotherapy. This approach offers a comprehensive way to improve overall fitness, balance, and body awareness. It’s particularly well-suited to Inner-West Sydney’s dynamic lifestyle, where people love staying active and healthy.

At Movement Laboratory, we’ve tailored our pilates physiotherapy programs to align with this vibrant energy, ensuring that every session contributes positively to your well-being. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or someone looking to manage pain and improve mobility, our physio Pilates services are designed to meet your individual needs in a supportive and professional environment.

What Is Physio Pilates?
Physio Pilates at Movement Laboratory is an innovative approach that goes beyond alleviating pain; it aims to future-proof your body. This unique blend of exercise incorporates the core strengthening and flexibility of traditional Pilates with the therapeutic insights of physiotherapy. Our focus is not just on fitness but on improving long-term physical wellness and resilience.

In our small-group Clinical Pilates and Rehab Classes, we emphasise relearning proper movement patterns and sequencing, specially tailored for those recovering from injuries. These classes are created to teach movements that heal. With two fully equipped Pilates studios in our Leichhardt clinic and about 75 Clinical Studio Rehab classes held every week, we provide an extensive range of options to suit different needs and schedules.

Our team, consisting of some of the best physio and pilates experts in Sydney, merges Classical Pilates teaching with evidence-based Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology rehab principles. This fusion ensures that our Clinical Pilates classes stand out in the industry for their quality and efficacy.

Whether you’re seeking recovery from an injury or aiming to enhance overall physical function, our Physio Pilates program is designed to meet you where you are and guide you towards achieving your health and fitness goals.

1. Book a physio assessment

You’ll meet with one of our physios to discuss your rehab or fitness goals. We’ll develop a rehab program, if needed, and recommend the program or class in alignment with your needs.

2. Join us in class

Begin classes at one of our two locations where an experienced physio will lead you through your own rehab program in a 1:3 class, or a 1:6 high quality clinical reformer class.

3. Futureproof your body

By putting in the work to join us regularly in class, you’ll experience transformations of a body with no stresses, minimal pain, and movements that work in your favour.

Experience the confidence of exercising with Movement Laboratory, where every movement is tailored specifically for you. Our programs are not only safe and effective but are also expertly guided by our team of physiotherapists and exercise physiologists.

Physio-led training
Health Fund claimable
Small group classes
Fully equipped rehab studios

Our Clinical Pilates and Rehab Classes

At Movement Laboratory, we offer a variety of Clinical Pilates and Rehab Classes, each designed to meet your unique needs and help you perform physio and pilates with optimal results.

1:3 Clinical Pilates Class

Our signature small group 1:3 Clinical Studio Class is tailored to you for your specific condition and progression.

Everyone in class is working through their own program designed to teach movement patterns and sequences that help with their individual recovery.

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Movement Laboratory Pilates Class

1:6 Reformer Pilates Class

Distinct from typical fitness Reformer classes, our 1:6 Clinical Reformer Classes stay true to our clinical roots.

We offer four specialised types of classes, catering to specific groups such as pre and postnatal women, those focusing on bone health, aligned movers, and peak performers.

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Dance Conditioning

Our dance conditioning classes, led by trained dance physios, are perfect for strengthening various muscle groups to boost performance.

These classes also provide essential clinical rehabilitation for dancers, assisting with both prevention and recovery from injuries.

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Pre & Postnatal Strengthening

We provide a welcoming and supportive environment for expectant mothers, starting from the 2nd trimester right through to labour. Our classes, suitable for both low and high-risk pregnancies, are closely supervised by our women’s health physios. Post-birth, we continue to support new mothers with tailored postnatal classes, ensuring a safe and effective return to fitness.

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Movement Laboratory Clinical Pilates Classes

Benefits of Physio Pilates

Enhanced Core Strength: Improves posture and balance, vital for everyday activities and sports performance.

Enhanced Core Strength: Improves posture and balance, vital for everyday activities and sports performance.

Increased Flexibility: Leads to better mobility and reduces the risk of injuries.

Improved Mind-Body Coordination: Promotes a greater sense of body awareness, essential for all age groups.

Self Stress Reduction: Encourages a mindful approach to exercise, aiding in mental relaxation and clarity.

Specific benefits for different demographics include:

For Athletes: Enhanced performance through improved strength, flexibility, and body awareness.

For the Elderly: Maintains mobility and balance, essential for independence and reducing fall risks.

For Those with Chronic Pain: Offers a gentle yet effective way to manage pain, combining physical therapy with mental wellness strategies.

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For Personalised Sessions: If you’re looking to book physiotherapy, massage, private sessions, duets, or 1:3 studio rehab classes, just click on “Appointment”.
For 1:6 Reformer Class Bookings: Click on “1:6 Classes” to schedule your class. These classes use the Bookamat platform, and we suggest downloading the Bookamat App for convenient access and management of your classes.
New Patients: Interested in joining our classes? You’ll need to complete a Physiotherapy Assessment first. Please select “Physiotherapy Assessment for Group Class Enrolment” as your appointment type when booking.

We’re excited to welcome and assist you on your journey to better health and fitness!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, prior experience in Pilates is not required. Our classes cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners, and our instructors tailor the exercises to meet individual needs and abilities.

Yes, our Physio Pilates classes are health fund claimable. We recommend checking with your individual health fund provider for specific details on your coverage.

In your first class, you’ll be guided through a series of exercises tailored to your needs. Our experienced instructors will ensure that each movement is safe, effective, and aligned with your fitness goals.

Booking a class is easy through our online system. For new patients, a Physiotherapy Assessment is required before enrolling in group classes. You can book this assessment and your classes directly on our website.

For pre and postnatal women, our classes are closely supervised by women’s health physios. We ensure that all exercises are safe, appropriate, and beneficial for both low and high-risk pregnancies, as well as for postnatal recovery.

Our strength and pilates physiotherapy approach at Movement Laboratory focuses on enhancing core strength, improving flexibility, and promoting overall well-being. These classes are especially beneficial for those looking to build physical strength in a safe, controlled, and therapeutic environment.

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Movement Laboratory Google Reviews

tele jeletele jele
02:33 09 Sep 23
Anastasia is the most wonderful physiotherapist who helped us recover and improve our mobility and strength in record time. Highly recommend!
Sara PageSara Page
01:43 08 Sep 23
I saw the lovely Shannon for my first consult today. She was extremely professional, knowledgeable and patient. The lovely reception staff were also amazing! Thank you team!!
Emma PowellEmma Powell
11:14 07 Sep 23
The team are so wonderful and lovely to be around. They make your recovery feel effortless and no set backs are ever taken negatively. Thanks team!
paul nelsonpaul nelson
03:30 04 Sep 23
I have loved my visits to Movement Laboratory. Alannah has really helped me on my journey to overcome back pain. Highly recommend
Min ZhuoMin Zhuo
07:39 31 Aug 23
Anastasia is very patient and informative in my daughter’s point assessment. It was great to have someone guide us through this journey. Thank you
Karla KomeneKarla Komene
06:46 02 Aug 23
This place was amazing I was so happy about how I was treated and looked after . I liked how everything was explained to me and it made sense . I was grateful when I told my symptoms to the lovely lady she knew what I was talking about and ways we could improve things and that I wasn’t alone. Also I felt that the environment was pleasant calm and relaxing which is what I needed. I have already taken a few work cards to pass out to some ladies I know . Thank you 😊 Looking forward to moving forward
Mark WestmanMark Westman
10:18 05 Jul 23
Anastasia is a miracle worker! I'm a keen runner and I started seeing her a few months ago after a couple of broken backs and a (new) torn hammy. She diagnosed my hammy problem quickly and efficiently, provided immediate relief through some deep massage to allow me to survive a few more important runs before my wedding (honeymoon = rest), and has helped me rebuild through focused strength work and home exercises. She obviously cares about her patients and enjoys helping them achieve their goals. I'm now running regularly and pain free again! Thanks Anastasia 🙂

Ready to join us in class?

If joining us for the first time, start by scheduling your Initial Physiotherapy consultation to determine the class in alignment with your needs.