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Exercise with our Women's Health Physio

It is published from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, that women with uncomplicated pregnancies should exercise before, during and after pregnancy.

We welcome all expectant mothers to attend our classes from week 20 through to labour. We work with all pregnancies, low and high risk inclusive.

Below is an overview on our Pregnancy and Postpartum Program.

Our Women's Health Programs

Regular physical activity during pregnancy improves and maintains physical fitness, reduces the risk of gestational diabetes and enhances psychological well-being.

What can you expect in our Pregnancy Exercise Class?

Evidence based and guided by a pelvic floor physiotherapist

Reduce risk of developing pain in lower back, SIJ, pelvic girdle, ribs, and pubic symphysis

Focus on pelvic floor contraction and relaxation

Learn correct breathing technique which aids labour

Address symptoms of incontinence if it occurs

Prepare your body for postnatal needs

Lengthen and stretch!

What can you expect in our Postnatal Exercise Class?

Evidence based and guided by a pelvic floor physiotherapist

12 weeks of intensive pelvic floor rehabilitation with Clinical Pilates to strengthen core and abdominal muscles, inner thighs and upper back

Prepare your body to return to sport

Reduce abdominal separation / diastasis with exercise

Address symptoms of incontinence, prolapse, and other pelvic floor dysfunctions

Prevent lower back pain from lifting and carrying baby

Prevent neck and shoulder pain from breastfeeding

Lengthen and stretch!

Postnatal Strengthening can be done as early as 3 weeks postpartum provided that it’s closely supervised by a women’s health physio! Returning to sports and running may be delayed if there are symptoms, which we will work on specifically during classes to get you there safely.

How Do I Enrol?

Please book an ‘Initial physiotherapy consultation for starting group classes’ online to see our physio first. In this one-on-one appointment we assess your body, including any existing or previous injuries. This is required regardless of your movement background, as we draw important information from this assessment to develop your personalised exercise program, ensuring that it is safe and that it addresses your needs for maximum benefit.

This assessment is not required for an existing patient transitioning from physiotherapy to class.

Book Your Initial Assessment Below:

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