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At Movement Laboratory Physiotherapy & Pilates, we not only provide musculoskeletal physiotherapy services to treat your pain, we go further to take care of what’s really holding you back.

Whether you have an acute injury, or something more chronic, we look at the whole picture to find everything that is contributing to your pain.   
We believe the best preventative healthcare starts with education. We focus on helping you to understand your body and learn ways to manage your condition.    

Our physiotherapists have a special interest in managing sports and dance injuries and use a number of international standardised screening tools to help better your performance in your expertise.  

Our mission is for you to leave our care a more knowledgeable and independent mover, with the skills to help prevent pain from recurring. 

Our attentive care

Hands on Physiotherapy

Hands on Physiotherapy

We treat all musculoskeletal injuries and love managing chronic complex pain conditions. We start with a thorough assessment for a clear diagnosis.  We then provide hands-on physio to help you back on your feet,  and develop you into an independent carer for your body.

Clinical Moves (Physio + Pilates)

Clinical Pilates

We offer Clinical Movement Class (formerly called Clinical Pilates) to support your recovery and build your movement intelligence.  It combines evidence based Physiotherapy rehab principles with traditional Pilates movement skills, and cater for everyone regardless of your exercise background or stage of recovery. Our physiotherapists are knowledgeable and adaptable to plan and modify programs for a wide variety of clientele. 

Sports and Dance Injury


Would you like to know what is stopping you from progressing in your stretches and strengthening?  Or why are you always getting injured?  We use well-researched screening tools to assess your abilities, establish your strengths and weaknesses, and introduce technique based movement strategies improve the your sports and dance performance.


Our knowledge network

We’re a small and focused team and our physiotherapists work closely with you.  We get most referrals from GPs, sports physicians, surgeons, osteos and other allied health professionals. We communicate frequently with them and manage your condition as a team. 

If we feel your condition would benefit from the involvement of another expert within or outside the industry, we will refer you on for the best and fastest recovery.  We welcome collaboration with other health professionals to put your best interest at heart.


Two locations in Sydney.  Same team.  Same excellence.

MOVEMENT LABORATORY | Leichhardt Physio & Pilates

141 Marion Street, Leichhardt 2040

New Pilates studio, stretch area and 2 physio rooms

MOVEMENT LABORATORY | Potts Point Physio & Pilates
(Formerly Pointe Physiotherapy)

105/24-30 Springfield Avenue, Potts Point 2011

Pilates area and 3 physio rooms next to a lovely garden!

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