Pre Pointe Assessment in Sydney

Starting your journey to pointe work in ballet is a significant milestone for any dancer. At Movement Laboratory, we understand the excitement and the dedication it requires. That’s why our Pre Pointe Assessment is designed to ensure that this transition is as smooth and safe as possible.

Pointe work demands a lot from a dancer’s body. Our Pre Pointe Assessment service is tailored to evaluate the strength, flexibility, and overall readiness of dancers aspiring to take this crucial step. Our team of experienced professionals uses a comprehensive approach, including an emphasis on pre pointe exercises, to evaluate each dancer’s specific needs. This ensures that your progression to pointe work is not only thrilling but also safe and well-suited to your individual capabilities.

Whether you’re a young dancer eager to start pointe training or a teacher looking for guidance for your students, we’re here to support you. Our assessment focuses on the physical aspects critical for pointe work, such as foot and ankle strength, posture, and alignment, amongst others. This thorough evaluation helps us offer personalised advice and recommendations, setting the stage for a successful and injury-free experience in pointe dancing.

Rise to Pointe Program

We are the proud creators of the Rise to Pointe Program, a strengthening program for dancers to complete prior to attending their assessment. Get a head start by completing the program before your assessment!

Movement Laboratory's Pre Pointe Assessment

Our Pre Pointe Assessment at Movement Laboratory is a comprehensive service designed to evaluate and prepare young dancers for the demands of pointe work. The assessment covers several key areas to ensure a safe and confident transition to pointe shoes:


Dance technique

Mobility Testing


Core and Glute strength

Pointe Range

Calf Strength

Jumps Technique

Feet intrinsics strength

Turnout strength and range

Communication is key in our approach. We maintain a clear and continuous dialogue with you, your parents, and your ballet teacher. This collaboration ensures that your transition to pointe work is not only swift but also aligned with your individual needs and goals.

Our commitment to your journey doesn’t end with the assessment. We offer additional support, including pointe shoes fitting reviews, guidance on breaking in new shoes, and tailored feet strengthening and dance conditioning programs. These resources are designed to help you gracefully and confidently navigate your first year of pointe work.

At Movement Laboratory, our goal is to see you transition safely and successfully into pointe work, ready to take on this new chapter in your dance career with confidence and skill.

Why Choose Movement Laboratory for a Pre Pointe Assessment

At Movement Laboratory, we’re more than just health professionals; we’re dancers at heart. Our founder, Winnie, has a rich background as a professionally trained dancer in ballet, contemporary dance, dancesport, and salsa. Her passion for dance and well-being led to the creation of Movement Laboratory, where our team comprises health professionals who share a deep understanding and love for dance and movement.

Our connection to the dance world is further strengthened by our long-standing membership with the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS) since 2010. Winnie’s commitment to attending their annual conferences worldwide ensures that our clinical practice is not only up-to-date but also grounded in well-researched methodologies.

We pride ourselves on our close collaborations with numerous studios and full-time schools across Sydney. These partnerships have allowed us to deliver experienced care and specialised dance conditioning classes right from our Leichhardt clinic. Some of our team members bring their practical knowledge directly into the classroom, teaching dance conditioning at renowned full-time academies such as McDonald College of Performing Arts and Brent Street Performing Arts.

Our understanding of the unique demands and challenges faced by dancers, especially during periods of injury or low morale, sets us apart. We know the care and extra attention required to nurture a dancer’s body and spirit through these times.

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Benefits of a Pre Pointe Assessment with Movement Laboratory

Undergoing a Pre Pointe Assessment is a crucial step for every aspiring ballerina, especially before purchasing your first pair of pointe shoes. This assessment is not just about readiness; it’s about ensuring your safety and well-being as you dance on pointe.

Readiness for Ballet Pointe: Our assessment, guided by standards from the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science, ensures that your body is adequately prepared for the unique demands of pointe ballet. It’s an essential check for dancers, typically between the ages of 10-14, to confirm their physical readiness.

Holistic Developmental Check: Beyond physical readiness, the assessment serves as a developmental milestone. It helps identify your strengths and areas for improvement in your movements. This process is vital in spotting any technique errors and addressing them effectively.

Tailored Strengthening Programs: Depending on the outcomes of your assessment, we create a personalised strengthening program for you. This program is designed to be practised at home, targeting specific areas that need fortification for pointe work.

Support Through Clinical and Dance Conditioning Classes: For dancers seeking more structured support, our Clinical and Dance Conditioning classes are the perfect avenue. These classes are tailored for dancers in this critical developmental phase, helping you get stronger and learn more about your body’s capabilities and needs.

Injury Prevention and Technique Improvement: By identifying potential risk areas and technical errors early, the Pre Pointe Assessment plays a significant role in preventing injuries. This proactive approach ensures that you can continue to dance on pointe, pushing your limits while maintaining optimal health and technique.

At Movement Laboratory, we believe that a well-conducted Pre Pointe Assessment is foundational for any ballerina’s journey into pointe work. It provides peace of mind to know that your transition into pointe ballet is supported by professional guidance and tailored care, helping you achieve your best performance with confidence and grace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Pre Pointe Assessment is a detailed standardised test from the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science designed to determine if a young dancer is physically ready to start training en pointe. It assesses various factors like posture, dance technique, strength, and flexibility to ensure a safe transition to pointe work.

Typically, the assessment is recommended for dancers between the ages of 10 and 14. However, readiness for pointe work varies individually, depending more on physical maturity and strength rather than just age.

The Pre Pointe Assessment usually takes about one hour to complete. This time allows for a thorough evaluation of all necessary physical aspects.

Come dressed as you would for a regular ballet class. It’s helpful to bring your current ballet shoes and, if you already have them, your pointe shoes.

If the assessment indicates you’re not yet ready, don’t worry. We’ll provide a tailored strengthening program or recommend specific classes to address the areas needing improvement, helping you prepare for future assessments.

Absolutely. The assessment can identify any lingering issues from past injuries and help prevent future ones, ensuring your transition to pointe work is as safe as possible.

A follow-up assessment is beneficial to monitor your progress and adjust your training and strengthening program as needed. It helps in keeping your transition to pointe work on track and safe.

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