In Preparation for Your First Pair of Pointe Shoes...

We recommend all dancers to check in with your dance physiotherapist before purchasing your first pair of pointe shoes. This is to ensure that your body is ready and safe to dance en pointe.

A Pre-Pointe Assessment is a standardised test derived from the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science. It is well researched and highly recommended for every ballerina to go through the assessment between the ages of 10-14 years old.

It’s a good developmental and milestone check as well, to identify strengths and weaknesses in your movements, and address any technique errors if needed.

Depending on what we find in the assessment, we will create a strengthening program for you to do at home. Alternatively, our Clinical and Dance Conditioning classes are perfect for dancers to get strong and learn more about their bodies in this critical period.

What is Involved in Your Assessment?


Dance technique

Mobility Testing


Core and Glute strength

Pointe Range

Calf Strength

Jumps Technique

Feet intrinsics strength

Turnout strength and range

This is a great opportunity for us to investigate any existing injuries and prevent future ones from occurring.

To allow you to progress quickly and safely, there is clear communication between us, you, your parents and the ballet teacher.

Our goal is to transition you safely into pointe work, and ensure you grace through your first year with no troubles at all. Therefore, we offer pointe shoes fitting review, break in guidance, feet strengthening and dance conditioning programs for you to continue into your first year of commencing pointe work.

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