Why do I need a physio consult before joining Clinical Pilates classes?


Why do I need a physio consult before joining Clinical Pilates classes?

Author: Naz Norian

Can I skip the introduction class?
I’ve done Pilates before, do I need to see a physio again?
I have no pain, why do I need an assessment?

These are the types of questions clients ask us frequently. We thought we should nip it in the butt once and for all and answer all your questions around WHY an initial physiotherapy consultation is vital as a part of your recovery journey.

At Movement Laboratory we are strategic with the service that we provide. It has been tested and retested and the feedback speaks for itself. A winning concept in our eyes that benefits practitioners and clients.

An initial physiotherapy consultation starts with the physiotherapist gathering all the necessary information about your body and its movement capacity. The assessment reveals details as to how successful you may be in a group setting and whether a Pilates class will benefit your specific needs. From there our team looks to to a 3 stage pyramid. We address any mobility issues, then address stability and relearning movement patterns before moving into the last stage and top of the pyramid which is strength and meeting your goals! These clues give your physio the necessary information to structure a programme that will suit your individual needs as nobody looks or moves the same. It is also the base for progressions and modifications.

If you’re new to Pilates or have decided to start your strength and conditioning journey with us book in for an initial physiotherapy consultation and lets get you started toward reaching your goals together.

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