Telehealth is now available! & updates


To all our patients and clients,

Physiotherapy is regarded as an “Essential service” in Australia and allied health clinics are encouraged to remain open to help ease the stress on the public health system in this critical period. Therefore, our clinics in both Leichhardt and Potts Point are operating their normal hours unless we announced here otherwise. We have a lovely community at the Movement Lab and we are doing everything we can to protect your safety and be responsible to the community.

Our Leichhardt business hours: Monday to Thursday 7 am – 8 pm, Friday 7 am – 3 pm and Sat 7 am – 1 pm.
Our Potts Point business hours: Tues, Thurs 7 am – 12 pm

We are servicing both new and current patients.

Our physiotherapy appointments are still running, and you can choose between a face to face consult in the clinic, or a Telehealth online video consultation if you’re unable to attend the clinic.

Our physio group classes have changed the physio: patient ratio from 1:3 to 1:2, with each patient in separate rooms to comply with the social distancing rules. This does not apply if the patients are from the same family unit.

Our mat-based group classes have been brought online with a 1:9 ratio to be delivered via Zoom.

We continue to serve our community and we are going to keep our space safe and clean for everyone.

You can now choose between face to face OR Online Physio Consults!
Online consultation (aka. Telehealth) is available for our new and current physiotherapy patients. Please CLICK HERE to learn more.

Telehealth has been the alternative treatment option in the physiotherapy industry for the last 10 years, and research has shown it to be effective for most conditions and injuries.

We encourage those who prefer to stay home, or self-isolating, to convert your upcoming appointments to online consultations in this critical period. Please let us know asap if that’s the case and we will send out instructions to set you up properly prior to your appointment time.

Telehealth works marvellously for our team to keep delivering our services and help you with your physical health. Our physios place great emphasis on exercises, rehab and self-management, and as much as manual therapy is beneficial, all positive changes need to be reinforced with correct movement techniques and exercises.

Our job is to take care of your physical health and we will continue to do so with whatever medium suitable during this pandemic.

We sincerely ask you to try and stick to your rehab program independent of whether you are with us in the clinic or at home.

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