Revealing our new logo!


From Winnie the founder of Movement Laboratory.

We’re updating our logo!

For those who do not know me right from the start, I am the founder of Movement lab, a physio, dancer, and an ex architecture student interested in everything design and materials related. I was studying in the US prior to returning to Sydney to open up Movement Lab a couple of years ago.

So in 2019 I went to Milan, and witnessed the Silk Pavilion, a project at MIT by Neri Oxman, showcased at the Triennale. In short, it is biology marrying technology, allowing 6,500 silkworms to spin biological silk over robotically spun silk, adding integrity and tensile strength to a human-designed pavilion structure. The sun and warmth dictate where the material needs adaptation to give better shade and function. Instead of layering materials to suit functionality, it creates a continuous single layer material with different adaptations at different sites. Much like the human skin, where there is an adaptation of cells in different areas for different functions (eg. face vs palm vs back). Instead of a typical nature-inspired design, this is a design-inspired nature. I remember standing there in awe looking at this creation. It’s beautiful, powerful and simply organic!

Little would I know that when it’s time to update our logo a couple of years later, here I am thinking about the silkworms. Truth is, when I set up Movement Laboratory 3 years ago, it was an amplified version of myself as a physio. I provided 3 main services: musculoskeletal physiotherapy, dance physiotherapy and Pilates. The logo back then represented that, with 3 squares placed around each other.

However, 3 years on, I have grown as a clinic owner, and we have grown as a team. My direction for Movement Lab is different. My view on health has changed, and most certainly my role in patient recovery as a physiotherapist has changed. My team is much more than the 3 core services above. We are still passionate dance physios, but we also focus on women’s health, chronic pain, complex pain patterns on top of the everyday musculoskeletal injuries. We’re driven when working with people whose ‘pavilions’ have become unadaptable. It became our mission to breathe some life back into it.

On a micro-scale, the silkworms are like the neurons in our brain. Willing to adapt, learn, coordinate, and respond to interventions. Much like the Silkworm Pavilion, I like to imagine my team has the tools to guide your silkworms to behave, and your pavilion adapts its structure to its needs over time. It’s a continual act of self-care. There’s no end to it, it’s not a one-off goal to tick off and leave behind. It’s a promise to ourselves that in order to stay healthy, our pavilion needs constant adaptations to different stimulus. It’s forever changing.

So here we are. This logo, if you put on your creative lens, is my version of the Silkworm Pavilion. It is my treatment philosophy, and is defined by the scope of augmentation physiotherapy has over the human body.

If you’ve made it this far till the end, thank you. Please read up on Neri Oxman and her work, she’s an amazing woman and visionary.

Hope to see you in the clinic soon x

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