How’s Your Pelvic Floor Health?


Is your pelvic floor healthy? Aka. is your pelvic floor able to support you?⁠

Often I hear women assume that by doing pelvic floor squeezes, they are immune to women’s health condition (Incontinence, dyspareunia, prolapse, etc) ⁠but it isn’t as simple as that!

The pelvic floor is made up of both muscles and connective tissue. It is important to remember that while we can do pelvic floor muscle training to increase strength and coordination of the muscle, there is the connective tissue component which we need to factor in to determine the cause of your symptoms, and the treatment approach. ⁠

As women’s health physios, we often do an internal vaginal examination to examine the pelvic floor. This allows us to check for and measure,⁠

  • Superficial pelvic floor tone and strength ⁠
  • Deep pelvic floor tone and strength ⁠
  • Pain location ⁠
  • Heightened tissue sensitivity ⁠
  • Prolapse ⁠
  • Take accurate measurements of anatomical structures to create a baseline ⁠

… Just to name a few. ⁠

We are not aiming to have the strongest pelvic floor in the world, we are aiming to have a pelvic floor that supports what you do and your lifestyle. Your age, weight, your sport, your gynaecological history, your bladder and bowel health, all come into play. Thus it’s not a one size fits all approach. ⁠

If you have symptoms or want to understand what you can do now for prevention, do speak to our team! ⁠

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