Get to Know: Tristan Kirk, Clinical Movement Coach


Tristan began his Pilates Training after coming from a science, athletics, and dance background. He attended full-time ballet training at McDonald College, after spending a childhood trained in athletics and acrobatics. Focusing on “movement through mindfulness”, Tristan takes pride in his positive movement approach, encouraging clients to move with confidence and freedom, as they strive to achieve their goals or overcome injury.

Tristan Kirk, PAA, ASCA, PilatesITC Bachelor of Science – University of New South Wales Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction with PilatesITC Member of Pilates Alliance Australasia Member of Australian Strength & Conditioning Association, Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach Animal Flow Instructor

Tell us a bit about yourself

I have a diverse sporting background in athletics, mainly track and field, Oztag, cricket, and Ballet. Inspired by the athleticism of movement, I took up dancing at the age of 16, training full-time prior to going to University to gain my Bachelor of Science.

My family is a huge part of my life, my wife and I are incredibly proud of our two boys. I’m also a massive sports and NFL fan!

Where and when did you qualify as a Pilates Instructor?

I undertook my Pilates training through Pilates ITC here in Sydney, completing the diploma in professional Pilates instruction at the start of 2015. I’m also a qualified personal trainer, and strength and conditioning coach.

What motivated you to become a Clinical Movement Coach, and what do you love about your work and this industry?

Having long been involved in sport, athletics, and then ballet, I developed a keen interest in human movement and the body’s natural athletic potential. This interest led me to explore various movement practices such as callisthenics, traditional strength training, and Pilates to challenge my own movement ability.

After tearing my ACL and going through my own rehab journey to return to sport, I discovered the clinical movement world and became particularly interested in movement progression beyond rehab.

It is this progression from rehab and beyond, that motivated me to become a Clinical Movement Coach, and what I love about my work; taking clients beyond their rehab and discovering what their bodies are capable of.

What do you do at Movement Laboratory?

I take clients through their clinical conditioning classes, working alongside the Physios, utilising Pilates and strength training to complement their treatment, and progress beyond rehab.

What are your special areas of interests? What interests you most about these areas?

Pilates, strength and conditioning, callisthenics, dance and athletic conditioning.

What interests me most about these areas is seeing and hearing a client become more confident in their own body’s ability, and realise they can do a lot more than they first thought they could. Seeing client progress well beyond overcoming their reason for treatment.

What is your philosophy for movement?

“Movement through mindfulness”; to be deliberate with your movement practice, and find enjoyment in the practice; utilising the principles of Pilates, strength and condition, and callisthenics to create a holistic movement practice.

What do you like to do outside of the clinic?

I love being with family and getting outdoors. Whether it be out in the garden, kicking/throwing a ball around the park, going on a bushwalk, or at the beach.

I also enjoy camping, fishing, playing golf and surfing, cooking and board games!

What/who inspires you?

Patients are always a huge source of inspiration, especially seeing them progress and realise just how much they really can do.

I am also inspired by many of the great movement and strength coaches, such as Al Kavadlo, Mike Boyle, Sally Anderson, just to name a few.

What’s your career goal for movement?

To bring the worlds of strength training and Pilates together, and help as many clients discover just what their body is capable of doing.

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