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Inner West Clinical Conditioning & Rehab

At Movement Laboratory, we are industry leaders in delivering Physio Clinical Conditioning classes, and it’s an integral part of your rehabilitation. (please read Our Method if you haven’t already done so!)

Delivered by physiotherapists, we run over 70 Clinical Conditioning classes per week in our Leichhardt clinic. Our 2 studios are well equipped with the Pilates reformer, trapeze table, wunda chair, ladder barrel, weights, squat rack, bike, and more! This environment enables our physios to create dynamic rehab programs for our patients. All classes are max 3 people each, and all exercises are clinically appropriate to the individuals.

Classes come in either private or group options. We always recommend spending a couple of private sessions with our physios to start the early stages of your learning before moving into group class.

We aim to teach you the fundamentals of all movements, and discover how to move with intention, awareness and be as youthful and powerful as you can be.

What can I expect from your classes?

Small class size – max 3 people

Align with your functional and performance goals

Align with your rehab journey

Mixture of Physiotherapy rehab principles and Pilates teaching

As dancers ourselves, we like elegant and efficient movements

Systematic approach and goal oriented

Inclusive and non judgemental

Consistency is key to success

Our Teaching Style

We are patient and intuitive. Most patients come to us with faulty movement patterns, less than ideal posture, and the most important step before strengthening is to start fresh from the fundamentals.

Imagine watching an infant learning to walk; there are many smaller milestones that need to develop prior to taking that big step. It is the same when we learn movement habits, or when we are injured. As your instructor, we ensure you hit every milestone, and learn at a pace which challenges you but not overload your system.

We are excellent instructors. We spent our years dancing, teaching, doing acrobats, practising pilates and exploring different types of movements. We have a sharp eye for detail and we know what teaching style matches your individual learning style. We are creative and fun, while providing evidence based exercises specific to your condition.

Our qualities combined with our small group class setting, makes us one of the most well regarded Clinical Pilates providers in the industry.

How Do I Enrol?

Please book an ‘Initial physiotherapy consultation for starting group classes’ online to see our physio first. In this one-on-one appointment we assess your body, including any existing or previous injuries. This is required regardless of your movement background, as we draw important information from this assessment to develop your personalised exercise program, ensuring that it is safe and that it addresses your needs for maximum benefit.

This assessment is not required for an existing patient transitioning from physiotherapy to class.

Book Your Initial Assessment Below:

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