Bachelor of Science - University of New South Wales
Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction with PilatesITC

Member of Pilates Alliance Australasia
Member of Australian Strength & Conditioning Association, Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach

Tristan began his Pilates Training after coming from a science, athletics, and dance background.  He attended full time ballet training at McDonald College, after spending a childhood trained in athletics and acrobatics. Focusing on “movement through mindfulness”, Tristan takes pride in his positive movement approach, encouraging clients to move with confidence and freedom, as they strive to achieve their goals or overcome injury.

Tristan has worked alongside physiotherapists and is a movement educator inside and outside the clinic.

He is a valued member of the team and work with Winnie to enhance performance and outcome for our dancers. He has been instructing the Dance Conditioning & Core class as part of the main dance curriculum at the McDonald College since 2016.

Aside from his Pilates practice, Tristan is also a certified strength & conditioning coach and personal trainer.

Outside of clinic, he is busy learning to be a new Dad!

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