Class timetable

Max 3 per class.
Personal and individualised.
Clinical approach.
Physiotherapist instructors.

Step one:  Initial Physiotherapy Assessment (45 mins)

In this one-on-one appointment we assess your body, including any existing or previous injuries. This is required regardless of your movement background, as we draw important information from this assessment to develop your personalised exercise program, ensuring that it is safe and that it addresses your needs for maximum benefit.

Step two: Private Clinical Conditioning Class (50 mins)

In this one-on-one session you learn your tailored exercise principle and approach and how to use the equipment in our Pilates studio. Depending on your personal situation, you may need one or several of these private sessions before joining group classes.

Step three: Group Clinical Conditioning Class / Group Dance Conditioning Class (50 mins)

You’re now ready to join group sessions! Fully-supervised by a Pilates-trained physiotherapist, with a maximum of two other people who are all doing their own exercise program tailored to their conditions. Most of our clients are booked in for months or for the year ahead, as long term changes come from consistency.
$54 Studio session (3 people) or $500 10 pack
$70 p/p Duet session (2 people)

Optional: Review session (30 mins)

Most clients undertake a 3-4 months program with one focus and goal in mind. To ensure sessions are objective, goal-specific and within the therapeutic clinical framework, you then visit us for a one-on-one physiotherapy review to derive a new goal, or to check up on any other conditions. This ensures that you continue to build strength and challenge different muscle groups and movement patterns throughout your body, and also satisfy re-evaluation requirements for health fund rebates.

Clinic Policy

  1. Our movement class is covered under ‘Physiotherapy group exercise’ and meet the clinical framework of our Physiotherapy board.  If you are covered, you can claim on the spot through our HICAPS machine. 

  2. Our admin team goes above and beyond to try to work around your busy schedule! There are periods when our classes are completely full and you might be put on a waitlist until a regular spot comes available, but we will do our best to accomodate your request.

  3. We have a strict late notice policy to allow for the smooth running of the intensive small group structure of our class stream.
    Late Notice under 18 hours incur 50% consultation fees and under 2 hours or non-attendance incur full consultation fee charges.  

    Short notice makes it very difficult for our administrative team to offer the booking to other clients on waiting list, and create significant stress for all parties involved.  Inadequate warning makes it difficult for the practitioner to adequately plan their use of the time. 

    We do understand there may be extenuating circumstances when short notice cancellations may be unavoidable. In these cases we encourage you to contact reception staff as soon as possible to advise them of your situation.