Madii Himbury

Clinical Pilates Instructor
Peak Performance Coach

Certified Clinical Pilates (APPI)
Certified Yoga instructor

Madii Himbury is a determined and inspiring Australian Winter Olympian. She recently retired from Mougal Skiing in 2022. Her career highlights include 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic finalist, 2017 World Championships 20th, 2017 World Cup 10th, 2019 Continental Cup 3rd.

Madii spent years doing Pilates for conditioning and rehab as an athlete, and later trained as a Yoga and Clinical Pilates instructor with APPI to begin her teaching journey. Her resilient and goal-directed lifestyle in combination with her understanding of and commitment to excellence in sport, life, and work equips her well as a coach and mentor in the clinical movement specialist career.

Aligning with her passion for wellbeing, Madii also works at a mental health charity as a health promotion coordinator. It is important to her to give back to sport, to community and to strive to inspire others by sharing her story.

Outside of the clinic, you can find her spending time outdoors, or trying a new sport such as AFL, water skiing and climbing.

Athletic Conditioning
Clinical Rehabilitation
Sports injury rehab
Surgical Pre-hab

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Certified Clinical Pilates (APPI)
Certified Yoga instructor

Madii has a broad set of skills, knowledge and exercise repertoire that she has developed through her passion to grow as an athlete and a professional.

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