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Inner West Online Telehealth Consults

Physiotherapy is now available via video call so that you can get treated for your injury and concerns from the comfort of home or if you’re away traveling.

We have had great patient outcomes and success to diagnose, and to guide our patient through rehab in video consultations. Our team at Movement Laboratory has an extremely good eye for spotting suboptimal human movements and patterns through observation, which is necessary to provide correct feedback to your movement habits.

We provide home exercises, mobility drills, partner massage and mobilisation techniques, with an aim to expand your toolkit so you can self manage your injury knowing that we are there by your side.

Online consultations work marvellously for those who are unable to attend the clinic.

How do online consultations work?

You can book your appointment via the link below, or give our clinic a call on (02) 9029 2449 to schedule a time. Please select the Online Physiotherapy Consultation option.

Once your booking is confirmed, you will be sent a condition form to complete prior to the call. We ask you to take your time and fill it in as accurately as you can. Your answers can help to guide the physio to ask more detailed questions on your injury during the call, or ask you to send in some photos prior to the call if deemed helpful.

We want to use the call as an opportunity to treat and provide management solutions for your injury, so the preparation work on both sides is crucial to make this a seamless experience.
If your treatment requires a specialist’s attention, we will refer you on and won’t charge you for the consultation.

Ready to Make an Appointment?

We are here to help! Booking Online is the most convenient way to lock in the location, practitioner & time you want.