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At Movement Laboratory prevention is key. As Physiotherapists, our mission is to go beyond addressing pains and aches, to help you form the foundations for long term changes, and be a better mover to prevent recurrence of your symptoms.

Our Core Values


Achieve meaningful outcomes, and treat with humility, empathy and compassion.


Nurture and empower our patients to make informed decisions on their recovery journey, lifestyle habits and future.


Inspire our community, partnerships and the health industry to go above and beyond. To be a force for good.


Continue to grow, adapt, and change with burning curiosity. Think one step ahead to best serve our patients and be the best version of ourselves.

Our Model of Care:

We are systemised in our approach to help you progress. Please have a look at our model of care below. As with most physiotherapists, we use manual therapy and a range of techniques to reduce inflammation, promote recovery from injury, and increase mobility in the affected areas. These techniques provide relief in the short-term however long term change can only result when you learn how to maintain these new positions.

Our Philosophy

We therefore place a huge focus on clinical rehabilitation and movement conditioning. We take this step very seriously. Our physio team is made up of professional dancers, strength and conditioning coach, and Pilates instructors of the highest calibre. We believe what we teach not only helps with rehabilitation, but also lays the foundations for great movements for years to come.

Our treatment philosophy is based on the Human Performance Pyramid below. Someone injured, in pain and in need of treatment starts at the bottom. At the top is a highly performing individual.

In order to progress up the pyramid and achieve movement freedom and full recovery, we need to address all of the elements within each tier of the pyramid. Skipping a step runs a high risk of relapse.

Proper rehabilitation requires patience and dedication, but it is the only way that protects us from injuries and allows us to be mobile, functional and fulfilled. It takes 10,000 repetitions for humans to form habits, 6 – 8 weeks for muscles to strengthen, and more to learn coordination. We are here to guide you through this rewarding journey.

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