Do you:

  1. Keep getting injured?

  2. Want to prepare your body for your chosen activity?

  3. Want to rediscover ‘natural’ movement?

We offer movement screening that lets us systematically assess your movement patterns, to identify what’s working well and what you might need to work on.

The results help us create programs to show you correct movement patterns, improve your balance and strength, and help prevent injury.


Is movement screening for you?

We use two types of movement screening in our clinic.   Think of it as a clever check-up – it can reveal whether you are moving well enough for the activities you love, discover what’s preventing your best performance, and help you take steps to move better.

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

This screen is for healthy patients who aren’t currently injured and want to take action against future injury, or find out if their movement patterns might be holding them back. 

We will put you through a set of tasks that gives us a picture of how well your body works overall. We will then decide whether there is an underlying weakness we need to investigate further, and create an exercise program to target it.

FMS has been studied among professional soccer, basketball and football teams, special ops soldiers and even firefighters, and is suitable for people of any age or athletic ability.

Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) 

If you’re already injured, we use the Selective Functional Movement Assessment as part of our initial physiotherapy assessment.

We’ll put you through a series of movement tasks that let us highlight shortcomings in mobility or motor control. We’ll combine the results with our physiotherapy knowledge to decide whether an underlying movement weakness may be contributing to your pain. 

This tool helps us plan a more accurate and complete treatment, that targets pain at the source.

For more information on these two assessment tools, please visit

Sports Physio fees

If you’re interested in FMS and SFMA screens, please book an initial physiotherapy consultation. 

Physio initial consultation (45 minutes)           $125
Physio standard consultation (30 minutes)      $85
Physio extended consultation (45 minutes)     $95

We do home visits within 4km of our Potts Point clinic (eg. Woolloomooloo, Elizabeth Bay, Sydney CBD physio patients) or our Leichhardt clinic (eg. Summer Hill, Haberfield, Petersham, Annandale physio patients). Please call us to discuss on 9029 2449.

We provide HICAPS so you can claim on the spot from your health insurance.