We understand dance.  We understand you. 

We are extra passionate in treating dancers because Winnie and Tristan are both dancers. They trained and performed professionally and understand the care and extra attention dancers need when they are injured and in their low periods.  

We opened our first clinic, POINTE Physiotherapy & Pilates, five years ago, to provide dance physiotherapy and sports injury rehab in central Sydney. We have taken care of many professional and recreational dancers in Sydney and Hong Kong to manage their injuries and help them return to studio and stage.  Winnie is a member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS) since 2010, and collaborates with international top medical teams for the most up to date protocols for clinical practice.

We help dancers of all ages and levels recover from their injuries and get back to the studio or stage in a timely way. 

We also focus on correcting any techniques and skills that might expose you to future injuries, and look after the bodies of young dancers as they grow.  

Principal Physiotherapist
Dance Physiotherapist
Clinical Pilates

Dance Physiotherapist
Dance Strength & Conditioning
Clinical Pilates

Movement Coach
Dance Strength & Conditioning
Clinical Pilates

Pre Pointe Assessment


To ensure you are strong enough to cope with the increased loading from pointe work. It's a good developmental check to identify strengths and weaknesses in movement techniques, and correct them nice and early if needed to be.

What is involved in your 1 hour assessment?

  • Postural and Joint Assessment

  • Dance technique Assessment

  • Hypermobility test

  • Balance and dynamic stability test

  • Core and Gluteal strength

  • Ankle pointe range

  • Calf and feet intrinsics strength

  • Turn out (hip joint) range of motion and strength

  • Checks on adolescents growth plate symptoms

You will be working closely with our dance physios if there are areas that do not meet the international standard set by IADMS. This assessment is crucial for the growing dancer in building awareness in and outside of dancing.

To allow you to progress quickly and safely, there is clear communication between us, you, your parents and the ballet teacher.

Tertiary Entry Dance Assessment

Physiotherapy assessment for full time performing art schools such as the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and overseas institutions.

Dance Conditioning Class

We provide workshops on dance specific injury prevention for studios and individuals, and create conditioning programs for dance rehabilitation.  Our conditioning classes within the clinic is extremely popular, where dancers work in small groups (max 3) with our dance physio on Pilates equipment, to strengthen a range of muscle group to enhance dance performance. These classes are individualised and the dancers are accessed as they progress.

We have a close relationships with dance studios nearby, and frequently communicate with teachers to collaborate on what works best for the dancer. 


We have worked with... 

Dance physio fees

Pre pointe Assessment (60 minutes)                    $145 ($125 without report)                         
Performance Screening (60 minutes)                    $145 
Physio Initial consultation (50 minutes)                $125
Physio standard consultation (30 minutes)           $90

Physio extended consultation (45 minutes)          $100
Dance Conditioning Class (50 mins) $54
10 Pack Dance Conditioning Class $500

We do home visits within 4km of our Potts Point clinic (eg. Woolloomooloo, Elizabeth Bay, Sydney CBD) or our Leichhardt clinic (eg. Summer Hill, Haberfield, Petersham, Annandale). Please call us to discuss on 9029 2449.

We provide HICAPS so you can claim on the spot from your private health insurance.