What is a Clinical Conditioning Class?

At Movement Laboratory, our Clinical Conditioning Class is a movement class taught by our physiotherapists. Classes are a mixture of clinically appropriate exercises, which incorporates physiotherapy rehab principles and Pilates teaching to target what your body needs. We use your Initial Physiotherapy Assessment to choose which exercises will suit your goals and your body’s needs. If there is a current injury, we advise you on the best treatment protocols and how to transition to exercise and class in a timely manner.

We welcome everyone to these classes. Our youngest client is 8 years old, and our oldest 84! We have taught the Sydney Swans, Sydney Dance Company, runners, triathletes, new mums, post orthopaedic surgery patients, and our everyday office workers.

We give you an individualised exercise program, so everyone in the class is doing different exercises.
Our classes are suitable for private health fund rebates under Physiotherapy Group Exercise Class.

All our teachers are registered physiotherapists who are highly experienced in teaching Pilates and fully certified in internationally recognised Pilates Alliances. It is our ongoing feedback and adaptability, that makes our teaching so different.

The relationship between instructor and you is a long term, two-way partnership.

It takes 6 weeks for muscles to strengthen, 3 months to build muscle memory and brain adaptation, 10,000 repetitions to make it a movement habit. There is no quick fix to excellence.